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Use a Lick Mat to Help Your Anxious Puppy Calm Down

Use a Lick Mat to Help Your Anxious Puppy Calm Down

As devoted dog caregivers, we continuously seek new and efficient methods to ensure the happiness and overall welfare of our beloved companions. This entails promoting their mental well-being through consistent mental stimulation and addressing issues like elevated stress or anxiety. The dog lick mat is an uncomplicated and cost-effective addition to the realm of canine mental stimulation.

While you can address superficial issues with the help of a lick mat, deeper issues may require medical intervention. If your pooch has been restless, contact your vet for a complete health examination. At the same time, consider being equipped with pet insurance NZ so you have a medical backup to handle unanticipated vet costs more effectively.

Contemplate purchasing the best pet insurance so your furry pet is assured of timely medical care during challenging health situations and medical emergencies with minor economic hassle. In the meantime, read this article to learn how a lick mat can help your pooch calm down.

Lick mats

Rubber/silicone textured dog lick mats are designed with little pockets. The crevices on these mats allow for spreading your pet pup’s preferred soft, spreadable treat. By licking the mat’s surface, your pup engages its tongue to access the delightful reward. This activity will have a soothing influence on your pupper and keeps it engaged and amused.

The endorphins (natural chemicals) released during the licking activity induce a sense of tranquility and euphoria. This surge of happiness can assist furry babies in adapting more easily to challenging circumstances they may encounter. Canines in distress often lick their paws and tummies excessively, leading to fur loss and skin conditions; a lick mat can help avoid such self-harming activities.

Lick mat types

Various designs of lick mats have emerged to cater to different scenarios. Here are some of the commonly available commercial options –

1.Basic lick mats

They are made of flat rubber/silicone in attractive shapes, usually square/rectangular, textures and designs. However, some companies incorporate creative and fun elements into lick mats, making them more appealing to four-legged babies.

2.Lick bowls

Their unique design allows your pupper to lick its favorite treats while enjoying the tactile stimulation provided by the rounded, textured bowl surface. Besides, many lick bowls can be turned inside out to transform into a textured cone, offering an additional interactive experience for your dog.

3.Suction cups

They are lick mats designed with suction cups strategically placed on the back, making them ideal for distractions while bathing your poochie. All you may need to do is to attach them to the tub/shower wall to keep your pet occupied while you wash them.

Lick mats can help redirect excessive licking behaviors and prevent paw or stomach irritation. They can help slow down eating, promote better digestion, tackle boredom, and keep pets physically and mentally active. Also, they can be used during grooming or vet visits to distract and comfort dogs.

However, note that stress and anxiety can also stem from the pain and discomfort experienced by puppies due to underlying health issues. Meet your vet for the right guidance and medical assistance. Simultaneously consider being equipped with pet insurance in NZ so that unplanned vet costs are more manageable. Contemplate purchasing the best pet insurance so your furry baby has comprehensive health coverage at all times.