The Newest ways of acquiring android app reviews…

The Newest ways of acquiring android app reviews…

Wise men might say, ‘ There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion.’ But the game in the app world might cease if one is not enough foolish to ignore the wise men, well, here in the world of app business,

It is quite evident that public opinion matters, rather, the public opinion prepares the published opinion. Without wandering much upon philosophy we better turn our interests to the main aspects.

 In case of app promotion, it affects app promotion and marketing to its extremist levels probably because public purchase and the thus influenced decisions are highly swayed by the reviews that rates an app as the good, better or the best amongst all of the app market.  The frequency of the app appearing in the respective app stores is also greatly influenced by positive reviews. So, as long as your fate matters taking into consideration the merging of your innovations into an android  application, positive app review definitely plays a crucial role on the account.

Now, customers are not naturally convinced on an initial basis to give a five star rating to your app. Well, you should know the negotiation tactics in order to lure your customers into rating and reviewing your app.

So here are a few simple steps you can use as a beginner to inflate the positive reviews of your app.

  • APP REVIEW ‘ PLUGIN’- It would not prove detrimental to the interest of your app if you provide automated review links within Your app. Well, accordingly, availability of plugins in Android  can also be availed in this context which makes it way more easier for the user to review and properly rate your app. There are prompters as the Appirater that prompts the user to drop a review for your app. It quite decently asks the user for its review. The user can even opt out of the reviewing procedure and ask to be reminded later. Otherwise it is only a two minute procedure, if the user opts to review the app. The user is directly guided to the App Store in order to rate the app.
  • EXHORTING THE USERS TO REVIEW THE APP-  Just as mentioned above, most of us will choose to avoid the review pop up. So, charming and luring the customers to review the app. Just like providing in app continuation rewards only after rating the app. May be a few extra tickets in a gaming app, only after rating it or may be a free coupon earned by rating a shopping app. Just in case you are adopting this method,  Badminton League may be a creative example as it allows you to proceed to tournaments only after you review the app.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE Well, it seems that a full fledged customer service may incentivise the users to review the app. In that case virtual feedback forms for the customers might be of great aid. In case of serving your customers, you may as well choose to communicate directly through a live texting session. This procedure can be aided by helpshift. It provides an online oriented service that aids you to connect directly with your customers. Therefore, to earn a good rating directly reach out to your customers.
  • IMMEDIATE REVIEW INQUIRIES NOT APPRECIATEDwell, as the sub heading suggests, premature review proposals might prove to be ostentatious to the interest of the app. Many apps fall into the same trap by asking the users to review for the app as soon as they install it. That might cause great disgust to the users. Relative lifespan in  cases such users decreases as they are led to uninstalling the app due to the number of Review pop-ups. 

It is therefore better to give some time to the user to analyse the app and then ask them to review it.

  • CONTESTS– contests basically act  as the sure bait for the users. Well, touch Arcade basically acts as the forum where app developers organise contests to lure the people to review their app. It can be a free subscription or a gift card from iTunes or free payTM cash on the account of reviewing the app. Transparency os however highly expected in this regard as the users must not be convinced that all these were just an artificial delight.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING and ASO- the Silicon Valley solutions-  perhaps, social media platforms excavated  offline can be of great helps when it comes to marketing of Android apps. A greater number of reviews can be obtained by accessing them. Well, the Silicon Valley of I did seems to be enriched in such media markets. ASO increases user downloads and hence reviews. The aso strategy services help in increasing visibility of your app in the app stores. There are a number of app store optimisation agencies in Bangalore itself that might aid in the process of earning substantial amounts of app reviews. These aso companies compare the apps with other potential rivals and thus helps earning client reviews. They enable you to reach to a large number of users with minimal expenses that might quite naturally contribute to an influx in the number of android app reviews. 

CONCLUSION- Thus it is quite important that the app visibility increases in the playstore due to which a positive review is obviously expected. Well, definitely the number of positive reviews quite clearly depicts the success the developer might achieve in the field.

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