Boost your app visibility

Boost your app visibility

App Store Optimization could also be a process done to make sure that your app increases it’s ranking in app stores(both Apple Store and Play Store) for better discoverability.

There are three main routes to follow for earning money from any online money earning application: Providing an app that’s sold with a price, showing ads on the app store and getting sponsorship for the app to increase visibility. However, before reaching now , the app must be able to be found by users.

According to research by Nielsen and Forrester, user’s access on an app happen through an app market search by a percentage of 62. So, to understand an honest earning, it bears importance to conduct some work mentioned as app store optimization (ASO), so as that when searched for , the app would be easy to hunt out .

For boosting better ranking, here are the very best methods or ways employed by App Store Optimization companies.



1. Proper App Name

Keywords are an important element in ASO. in conjunction with a catchy app name, use relevant keywords in your title as this is often often important in determining your search result ranking. A survey acknowledged that apps having a title with keywords ranked 10% better than those money making apps without a keyword. Every App Store Optimization company knows that it is vital to include keyword in your app title.

2. Expand your keywords the utmost amount as possible.

For ASO keywords both Google Play Store and App store have different approaches.

Google Play- You app description has the 4000 character limit. So plan to include as many keywords(but relevant) as possible. Repeat those keywords in an optimal no of times(up to 5 times) and ensure your app description makes logical sense. Don’t make your description look intentionally repetitive because it could pack up your potential customers.

Apple store- Apple store features a keyword field of 100 characters. Your app title and keywords that you simply simply use in these 100-character fields will decide for what search phrases your app will show. So lookout in choosing your keywords with keyword research and ensure to use alloted characters.

3. Have an honest icon

Your icon gives the first impression of your app to potential customers. Both Google Play Store and Apple Store have standards for icon-based on colour scheme , geometry, design, and size to match the ideals for his or her Operating Systems.

4. App screenshots

Although screenshots do not have an instantaneous impact on program rankings, it does influence download rates. These screenshots tell your customers what your app looks like and does. inform incorporate special features that speaks customer benefit(like faster registration or easy navigation, rich interface, personalized content, etc). Google Play Store allows up to eight screenshots while Apple Store allows 5.

5. Know your customers and their competition.

An App Store Optimization company does research on consumer behaviour to hunt out out what search queries do customers use to buy for a product/service of your competitors and therefore the way they found your app. Keyword research is completed to figure out the relevant keywords for your app. it’s then decided whether you’ll use highly competitive keywords with more search volume to rank higher or rank top spot with lesser volume keywords.

Supported by a comprehension of the knowledge and science behind application store positioning algorithms employed by App Store Optimization companies and these top tips for App Store Optimization, you’re well on your because of the effective ASO strategy.

Taking care of a few of points like ASO can make things easier for this end. Another one of the foremost details for earning an income along side your mobile app has an best app to earn money which can be liked by the users.