App Installs Criteria

App Installs Criteria

Essential criteria for android app downloads

Android smartphones are the market leaders today. Anywhere you go, you will come up with people using an android phone. The wide spread use of android smartphones over any other platform is due to various factors. The comparatively lower price of smartphones and the presence of a large number of features in smartphones give them android phones an edge over iOS. But what clears sets the gap is the presence of an ever increasing number of apps. 

Play Store

The Google Play store provides with a large number of apps. From games to banking solutions, from hotels to bus bookings; there is an app for your every requirement. The number of options you get in Android over a same app is tremendous and is something that neither windows or iOS is offering today. Apart from that, you get regular real time updates and frequent real time app security checks optimized for your android device. This ensures that whatever app you use is never unstable in your system. 

Now, before you download any app, you should ensure the following things. 

No third party apps

Make sure that whenever you download a new app, it is from the google play store. The play store is a genuine app market where you get all officially listed app. Any other source apart from the Play Store is regarded as a third party source. Now, you might easily find these third party apps and might install them too. What’s the difference? There are few. There are greater risks involved with third party apps. These apps are generally posted in unfamiliar websites and are generally loaded with keygen and other viruses. These apps when installed infects your system and sends all your data to third party sources. This is particularly dangerous when you use the infected app for payments. They tend to collect your card details and other sensitive information, which can be fatal later on. Apart from that, most of these third party apps are not listed in Play Store and there is no proof of originality of these apps. 


The advantage of using Play Store to download app is that you get a lot of options to choose from. The services that an app that is giving you but for a charge might be available in some other app, without any fee. In simple language, say an app is allowing you to take notes but is charging 20 rs for a month use. But if you look around, you might find an app which can give you all the features that you need and that too for free. Plus there are many apps which claim to give professional services for a cost but when you pay the amount, you get none of the facilities mentioned. Therefore, one should be careful while selecting the premium apps. 


Most apps generally have access to all your media, contact number and even your bank details. In such a sensitive environment, it is better to install only those apps which are genuine and are not a threat to your privacy. Be careful on what permissions your app is asking. The real threat again is while installing apps from third party sources. These apps get full access in your system and if not properly checked can lead to catastrophic situations. 

App Size

This is again one of the most looked for criteria while downloading an app. Many apps today are large in size due to which there always is an storage crisis. To kee this sorted, choose your apps wisely. Consider the features that you want and look for app sizes. If found favourable, you can install the app. Large size apps reduce your system potential and also slows it up. Therefore, be considerate while installing an app. 

Battery Issues

Many apps are not specific phone compatible. It might be due to hardware or because of the system build that you are using, It is generally found that some apps are not android version compatible. In other words, if you install an app which are made for Android 6 in an Android 3 system, then your device may start crashing and there rises a problem with your battery. You will find that your device is discharging faster and the battery life is getting substantially decreased. 

Android offers a lot of app to download. You may find it tempting to try each and every app. But this should be avoided. Be considerate and research your app before downloading one. A simple app is enough to create problems for you and so they should be dealt with caution.   

Are you a developer? 

If you are a developer, then you should know what factors are looked up by the customers before they download any app. The above points clearly mentions the factors that should be taken care of. Keeping these in mind, you should develop your marketing plan in order to attract more potential users. 

The quality of the app is the determining factor, so care should be taken to remove any glitches or flaws present in the system. 

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