Social media tactics used by ASO agencies

Social media tactics used by ASO agencies

There has been an increase in ASO business since last few years. There are many app optimization services both in India and abroad. These aso companies improve the visibility and conversion of your apps in app stores.

App developers are well poised to identify the most of social media, as their services are prime subjects for the viral popularity .  When existing users share their experience with their social connections, which, in turn, encourages those people to use and share the product/service themselves. It is required to use social media marketing not only for the products and services of customers, but also to expand the own services in various dimensions.

  • Facebook

Facebook is just known for its universal social media network, it not only connects people but also connect two different cities, states and countries. It is the best platform actually because most of people are on facebook and with their details you can simply classify your target customers. There are more than 2billion monthly users; it provides an opportunity to reach virtually any one. When it appears to electronic business facebook excels at the lead generation. Facebook is the place where you really have email addresses with many advertisers reporting costs below 1dollar for per lead. Facebook lets you have more advanced targeting than any other platform. Advertisers can easily target by place or location , job description, past activities, interests, and other criteria. 

Process of setting up advertising campaigns-

There are actually 3parts for setting and running a facebook ad campaign such as- 1. Establishing your ad. 2. Establishing your target. 3. Establishing retargeting.

Best advertising results within minutes.

  • Instagram

Instagram is basically famous for pictures upload and it is basically used by celebrities and government officials they have their genuine id there. Instagram is also now in trend mostly used by people. It’s now boosting with more than 500 million monthly active users and is leading in holding highest audience engagement rates. Here, 58% higher than facebook and 2000% higher than twitter. This platform is basically loaded with high resolution images and videos so you know what I am talking about. Sellers of products have to appear visually, visual media into their campaigns trend to perform best on this media. You can consider Instagram as one of the best choices for your business growth and popularity. Insta ads can be made link directly to a commodity or product page or any other landing page, opening way to direct engagement with your products. Instagram is owned by facebook so the process of setting ads is just similar to facebook.

Some tactics related to Instagram

 Use of custom images of real people. Try to convince hard with your pictures, pictures of high resolution with irresistible offers can attract lots of customers at once. Hashtags are used here seriously for jokes also, but mostly people use to read whatever is written in Hashtags as it focuses more so it’s a great way to connect with niche audiences.

  • Pinterest

It’s unique and looks like very professional. It’s also visual like instagram but it’s highly targeted towards women with an 81% female user base. It’s an incredible platform and easily seen everywhere. It’s mostly regarded as a very strong platform for ecommerce sales boost. Here, engagement is really high; pictures are built around custom product creations, users deliberately search to find and purchase creative products. 

  • Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. It’s with approx more than 330miilion monthly active users. Twitter is a viable network for organic engagement. Now, ecommerce stores today use twitter ads basically to drive brand awareness programme and for the promotion of specific products for direct conversions. 4types of campaign that you can run in Twitter such as promoted tweets, website cards, promoting trends, promoted accounts. Some tactics for twitter advertising campaigns- 

  • Users’ engagement directly into the ad. It is great in establishing a connection between brand and consumers. You can reap such benefits in your ad campaigns.
  • Twitter’s everything is related to brevity, prioritize it
  • Always remain targeted with the products or lead magnets you choose for promotion. Twitter needs to be more focused approach than any other channels.
  • Linkedin

It’s a unique platform that revolves around the business to business markets only. Linkedin has an estimated 227 million of monthly users, active profiles. It’s the place to find highest quality leads in certain industries and the highest disposable income with 75% of its users earning 50000$ per year or more.  Linkedin is really beneficial for B2B ads and social media marketing campaigns. Basically there are 3types of Linkedin ads- sponsored content, sponsored inMail, text ads.

  • Google+ and Snapchat advertising  are also some specific places where you can run your ad campaigns as they are also centre of attraction with billion of users. As Snapchat is one of the new platforms to emerge as a competitive force with almost 301million monthly users. There are many ad types under Snapchat advertising most of them are little bit expensive – snap ads, sponsored lenses,  snapchat discover, sponsored local geofilters, 

Here are some options given in which you can create your active accounts and post every details important related to your company and its services and pricing pattern. Through this way app store optimization agencies promote their own business as well as can promote clients products and services produced as these places are mostly reached by billions as already data given above you can assume the importance and emerge to use this platform arising. You feel more connected to your client as they always can approach you anytime send you their requests, complaints, business deals or can ask questions related to any particular field in which they are interested very much.

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