Advantages of Branding

Advantages of Branding

A client is if unknown to the fact that actually brand is really a boon for any business then he should obviously be aware of that, branding is a boon with uncountable advantages and he/she can do branding of his/her product himself or hire any branding agency to do for him/her. Below given are some advantages or benefits of branding-

  • Larger profit share

This is true that whenever your company becomes big brand they can charge any prices which they like. It becomes easy for them to reap higher prices with more profit margins and it’s not like people will not pay, those who appreciate come and get whatever they want at any price.

  • Loyalty and quality

Brand somehow imposes liabilities on firm and restricts them to perform only better day by day and with the best performance you create world class products and make more reliable and loyal customers who always prefer you no matter what and because of this you are forced to produce quality products. Quality means more recommendations given by your past customers to every prospective customer which means more market more reputation.

  • Lesser vulnerability to crises as well as competition existence

When you become big brand, your brand becomes more powerful than ever it was before and with this power you are no more afraid of any changes because you are able to make flexible changes.  Any sudden challenge won’t easily affect your firm like government policies or tight competition etc. because what you have got is priceless i.e. is winning heart of your target audience; they know you, praise you and are bounded and loyal with their favourite brand.

  • Improved image

When a product is launched in the market with no brand identity that product is treated as a scrap piece where people don’t give any value to it and treat it like anything. Brand somehow manages to clear that direfull   image and settle it with more clear perception. It creates an image, establishes a face or you can say creates a desired reputation which is respected.

A brand consist of-

A branding agency should pay attention towards key components of the brands and it is its product packaging, website, its logo, related advertisements and competitors. Brand equity is created by branding elements, promotional and marketing activities like advertisements and meaning transference these are the main drivers of brand equity. 

Brand elements includes

Brand personality- humour it talks about nature of our brand like it should be funny or serious or magical or idiot or smart or talkative or angry or professional etc.

Brand association- uniforms, USP, equipments, colours, fonts, taglines, images etc.

Brand word of mouth- what this particular brand is supposed to serve and which quality it talks about that.

Brands identity-  its name which is very important like name, its logo or icon or tagline etc.

Those details look like simple concepts which a app store optimisation agency has to understand deeply, ask client’s issue and find solutions. A brand agency is not only to do work at present but also after the contract is over. A good branding agency is supposed to assist its clients at the time of need anywhere.  

So you’re going to be a new entrepreneur and launch a aso services company in Bangalore, so you should be familiar with all the brand and branding-related factual information. Your aso services strategy is expected to be effective when you are well aware of all the main branding components.

What is Conversion Rate and What is a Good Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate of a mobile app whether android or iOS is the total number of apps that are successfully converted to a premium app. Let us understand this. When people download an app, they normally install a trail version of app, which has a usage period of 2-4 weeks. Now after the user time ends, either people stop using the app or they purchase the app if it is found to be extremely useful or of purpose. This conversion of free services to paid services is called Conversion Rate money earn apps. 

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The answer can be found from statistics. As per 2017, the average conversion of mobile apps (both Android and iOS platform) is somewhere around 1-1.25%. This might seem less but this is how the figure stands and this is acceptable too. Getting users to pay for an app is a pretty tough task and requires an extremely good product and an even better advertising policy. Now, any conversion above 1.5% is considered as a good conversion rate. Let’s break our statistics into further segments.
The conversion rate of gaming apps is the highest and can reach upto 10%. Mobile Games are quite addictive and by following a well defined marketing plan, app developers successfully influence people to pay for its services. One example can be an online Snooker Game. The game might initially offer free sticks and game stations but as you level up, it might offer better sticks and services if you purchase them. Now, with the number of active gamers around 1 million, you can expect more than 40% of your users to pay for these additional features. Things are pretty tough for word editors and note making apps. There are a lot of competitors who are willing to offer free services just to win an edge in the competition and therefore a conversion of even 0.5% is considered to be good. Overall, for any app, a conversion of more then 1.5% can be considered as a win-win scenario. Maximizing app conversion is a tricky business. There are a lot of things which can help you or might cause a mishap while you are aiming for a better conversion. Let’s breakdown the process here.

A good app content is the first thing to ensure. As long your app does not have anything good to offer, no one is going to purchase your app. If it’s a gaming app, you need to work on missions and visuals, but if it’s some other domain, say a self help app, then you need to improve the quality of your content. A change in the delivery medium can also do wonders. Introducing interactive animated videos then cliché notes can prove to be a game changer. A reasonable price is the next thing to be taken care of. Too much of cost and your app might not get downloads and a low price may cost you cutting in profits. You should access your app according to the features that you offer and on the market and the competition money earning application. 

Social media tactics used by ASO agencies

There has been an increase in ASO business since last few years. There are many app optimization services both in India and abroad. These aso companies improve the visibility and conversion of your apps in app stores.

App developers are well poised to identify the most of social media, as their services are prime subjects for the viral popularity .  When existing users share their experience with their social connections, which, in turn, encourages those people to use and share the product/service themselves. It is required to use social media marketing not only for the products and services of customers, but also to expand the own services in various dimensions.

  • Facebook

Facebook is just known for its universal social media network, it not only connects people but also connect two different cities, states and countries. It is the best platform actually because most of people are on facebook and with their details you can simply classify your target customers. There are more than 2billion monthly users; it provides an opportunity to reach virtually any one. When it appears to electronic business facebook excels at the lead generation. Facebook is the place where you really have email addresses with many advertisers reporting costs below 1dollar for per lead. Facebook lets you have more advanced targeting than any other platform. Advertisers can easily target by place or location , job description, past activities, interests, and other criteria. 

Process of setting up advertising campaigns-

There are actually 3parts for setting and running a facebook ad campaign such as- 1. Establishing your ad. 2. Establishing your target. 3. Establishing retargeting.

Best advertising results within minutes.

  • Instagram

Instagram is basically famous for pictures upload and it is basically used by celebrities and government officials they have their genuine id there. Instagram is also now in trend mostly used by people. It’s now boosting with more than 500 million monthly active users and is leading in holding highest audience engagement rates. Here, 58% higher than facebook and 2000% higher than twitter. This platform is basically loaded with high resolution images and videos so you know what I am talking about. Sellers of products have to appear visually, visual media into their campaigns trend to perform best on this media. You can consider Instagram as one of the best choices for your business growth and popularity. Insta ads can be made link directly to a commodity or product page or any other landing page, opening way to direct engagement with your products. Instagram is owned by facebook so the process of setting ads is just similar to facebook.

Some tactics related to Instagram

 Use of custom images of real people. Try to convince hard with your pictures, pictures of high resolution with irresistible offers can attract lots of customers at once. Hashtags are used here seriously for jokes also, but mostly people use to read whatever is written in Hashtags as it focuses more so it’s a great way to connect with niche audiences.

  • Pinterest

It’s unique and looks like very professional. It’s also visual like instagram but it’s highly targeted towards women with an 81% female user base. It’s an incredible platform and easily seen everywhere. It’s mostly regarded as a very strong platform for ecommerce sales boost. Here, engagement is really high; pictures are built around custom product creations, users deliberately search to find and purchase creative products. 

  • Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. It’s with approx more than 330miilion monthly active users. Twitter is a viable network for organic engagement. Now, ecommerce stores today use twitter ads basically to drive brand awareness programme and for the promotion of specific products for direct conversions. 4types of campaign that you can run in Twitter such as promoted tweets, website cards, promoting trends, promoted accounts. Some tactics for twitter advertising campaigns- 

  • Users’ engagement directly into the ad. It is great in establishing a connection between brand and consumers. You can reap such benefits in your ad campaigns.
  • Twitter’s everything is related to brevity, prioritize it
  • Always remain targeted with the products or lead magnets you choose for promotion. Twitter needs to be more focused approach than any other channels.
  • Linkedin

It’s a unique platform that revolves around the business to business markets only. Linkedin has an estimated 227 million of monthly users, active profiles. It’s the place to find highest quality leads in certain industries and the highest disposable income with 75% of its users earning 50000$ per year or more.  Linkedin is really beneficial for B2B ads and social media marketing campaigns. Basically there are 3types of Linkedin ads- sponsored content, sponsored inMail, text ads.

  • Google+ and Snapchat advertising  are also some specific places where you can run your ad campaigns as they are also centre of attraction with billion of users. As Snapchat is one of the new platforms to emerge as a competitive force with almost 301million monthly users. There are many ad types under Snapchat advertising most of them are little bit expensive – snap ads, sponsored lenses,  snapchat discover, sponsored local geofilters, 

Here are some options given in which you can create your active accounts and post every details important related to your company and its services and pricing pattern. Through this way app store optimization agencies promote their own business as well as can promote clients products and services produced as these places are mostly reached by billions as already data given above you can assume the importance and emerge to use this platform arising. You feel more connected to your client as they always can approach you anytime send you their requests, complaints, business deals or can ask questions related to any particular field in which they are interested very much.

Tips to make your app have a brand identity

There are more than 4.5 million apps in the app stores(both Play Store and iOS store combined) and there has been an increase in no of app store optimization agencies. App marketing has become a trend globally. So In India, app optimization services are doing great and providing decent user base to every new app or existing apps to make their brand memorable.

A good start-up needs talent, infrastructure, and culture of start-up, businesses, and access to customers, technology, and environment of investment and Bangalore is enriched with that all. If you are opening a aso services company it will be a boon for your firm because all necessities are already here to contribute towards your firm.

Tips to create a brand identity

  • identify your audience-

It will be actually profitable if you know your audience. Through this way you can create an icon according to the people with whom you want to do business and apply correct language to your marketing skills. This will focus the target audience.

  • Consistency

A brand should always be consistent. Develop app guidelines to keep consistency. It makes brand identity more strong and reputable. 

  • Analyze the competition

You need to analyze and scrutinize the competition in a better way to make it different and much better in comparison to others to have advantage over others. It makes your brand more unique, different and separates itself from heavy competition.

  • Be authentic

Try to reveal only what you are don’t filter your client’s company. Show only what you do don’t exaggerate it decreases the value of company if you do fake promises. Believe what your write and what you put there create your loyal customers. Do it thinking on long term not short term benefits with false statements as these things don’t run for long.

  • Relatable

Brand should be something like people can relate itself from it and feel like its own. Bring some personal touches to your brand which connects customers to client’s brand easily and in a positive manner. Relatable things become more famous and households sooner or later.

  • Create a website

It helps brand boosting as people will be able to find your brand anywhere and collect required information and get to know about what product does it offer. There are millions of options through which you can create website and make changes whenever you want. Websites are helpful indeed because when customers want to get some info. They need a place and when they don’t get they get annoyed easily. It makes you more professional.

  • Hire professionals

Branding agencies work for better it means that your organisation works for better results of clients. For this you should hire professionals who are expert in this particular field and knowhow of this field in order to provide best results and gaining future customers. They know this industry in a much better way.

App Installs Criteria

Essential criteria for android app downloads

Android smartphones are the market leaders today. Anywhere you go, you will come up with people using an android phone. The wide spread use of android smartphones over any other platform is due to various factors. The comparatively lower price of smartphones and the presence of a large number of features in smartphones give them android phones an edge over iOS. But what clears sets the gap is the presence of an ever increasing number of apps. 

Play Store

The Google Play store provides with a large number of apps. From games to banking solutions, from hotels to bus bookings; there is an app for your every requirement. The number of options you get in Android over a same app is tremendous and is something that neither windows or iOS is offering today. Apart from that, you get regular real time updates and frequent real time app security checks optimized for your android device. This ensures that whatever app you use is never unstable in your system. 

Now, before you download any app, you should ensure the following things. 

No third party apps

Make sure that whenever you download a new app, it is from the google play store. The play store is a genuine app market where you get all officially listed app. Any other source apart from the Play Store is regarded as a third party source. Now, you might easily find these third party apps and might install them too. What’s the difference? There are few. There are greater risks involved with third party apps. These apps are generally posted in unfamiliar websites and are generally loaded with keygen and other viruses. These apps when installed infects your system and sends all your data to third party sources. This is particularly dangerous when you use the infected app for payments. They tend to collect your card details and other sensitive information, which can be fatal later on. Apart from that, most of these third party apps are not listed in Play Store and there is no proof of originality of these apps. 


The advantage of using Play Store to download app is that you get a lot of options to choose from. The services that an app that is giving you but for a charge might be available in some other app, without any fee. In simple language, say an app is allowing you to take notes but is charging 20 rs for a month use. But if you look around, you might find an app which can give you all the features that you need and that too for free. Plus there are many apps which claim to give professional services for a cost but when you pay the amount, you get none of the facilities mentioned. Therefore, one should be careful while selecting the premium apps. 


Most apps generally have access to all your media, contact number and even your bank details. In such a sensitive environment, it is better to install only those apps which are genuine and are not a threat to your privacy. Be careful on what permissions your app is asking. The real threat again is while installing apps from third party sources. These apps get full access in your system and if not properly checked can lead to catastrophic situations. 

App Size

This is again one of the most looked for criteria while downloading an app. Many apps today are large in size due to which there always is an storage crisis. To kee this sorted, choose your apps wisely. Consider the features that you want and look for app sizes. If found favourable, you can install the app. Large size apps reduce your system potential and also slows it up. Therefore, be considerate while installing an app. 

Battery Issues

Many apps are not specific phone compatible. It might be due to hardware or because of the system build that you are using, It is generally found that some apps are not android version compatible. In other words, if you install an app which are made for Android 6 in an Android 3 system, then your device may start crashing and there rises a problem with your battery. You will find that your device is discharging faster and the battery life is getting substantially decreased. 

Android offers a lot of app to download. You may find it tempting to try each and every app. But this should be avoided. Be considerate and research your app before downloading one. A simple app is enough to create problems for you and so they should be dealt with caution.   

Are you a developer? 

If you are a developer, then you should know what factors are looked up by the customers before they download any app. The above points clearly mentions the factors that should be taken care of. Keeping these in mind, you should develop your marketing plan in order to attract more potential users. 

The quality of the app is the determining factor, so care should be taken to remove any glitches or flaws present in the system. 

Where to seek help? Are you worried about your marketing needs? No more worries now! This process can be complicating to a whole lot of you. Not to worry anymore. There are a lot of app store optimization agencies who are dedicated to make this gruesome process easier for you. For small businesses, it is ideal to contact these firms and let them develop marketing strategies for you. There are many best app store optimization services in Bangalore and other metro cities who are working extremely well in helping clients to develop marketing solutions. These companies cater to all your app requirements and can help you to gain steadily in the app business. They provide you with innovative aso services strategy and marketing plans to help you increase your app downloads and earn more. Every developer needs a marketing team but getting one is extremely tough. But now there are many options to choose from and each one is competitive and well performing. Thanks to the over whelming competition. What are you waiting for then. Get, Set, Code!

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Our notes can be some of our most private possessions. This is an app to make sure you will have them for the long run, all to yourself. No other app is as dedicated to this mission, and for that reason Standard Notes will always have my vote <3 Going on a year of using this app / following the Standard Notes project. Pro is definitely the way to go, due to the seamless sync features and elegant formatting options app store optimization analyzer.

 The format and intention of this app is to be clean, simple, and FAST. Without pro, it’s like working in “notepad” on pc – pro has options for markdown / code / tons of others, and they work great! As far as developers go, Mobitar is one of the most committed and hard working developers that the world is lucky to have. I highly recommend looking through the website and getting the background and commitments made by this platform and it’s developer. 100% top notch app – would recommend to everyone and their mom/dad/grandma/tortoise/etc. I don’t usually review apps. In fact, this is my first time ever leaving a review without being prompted to. I just think this is such a great app, and I want everyone to know how awesome it is. It’s the best free encrypted note taking app I’ve found. 

It’s clean, simple, and -most importantly- secure. Definitely a 5/5 star app, ESPECIALLY considering that it’s completely free to use, aside from additional themes and editors that are available to subscribed users. I’m very greatful to the creators of Standard Notes for giving me a free, safe place to write things down. If you’re looking for a simple encrypted app to store important information, ideas, thoughts, etc., then this is the app for you. The app works as described: it’s useful, simple, solid, extensible/customizable, secure, user-friendly, clean looking, and fun. Think, perhaps, of the cleanness and exportability of Simplenote/Bear + web access + rock-solid stability + unimpeachable security. (Plus more.)

 Also the developer is patient, friendly, and incredibly helpful. I had a non-app, non-workflow related problem related to registration/billing that developer helped me solve through a string of direct, prompt, friendly, and helpful emails over the course of a month. Now more than ever are security and privacy important. Now more than ever are apps most useful when they are simple, extensible, and allow for transparent data export. And the pricing model is transparent, fair, reasonable, and seemingly sustainable. Now more than ever should we support apps like this.

I have been searching for the perfect note taking app for many years. I tried them all, Evernote, Simple Note, Workflowy, Bear Notes, Apples Notes, OneNote, Google Keep and so on. All of them had a critical flaw that would prevent me from using it long term and the search continued. I narrowed down my five priorities for what I wanted to see from a note taking service:

Income growth and share .. facts about the “1%”

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) regularly publishes analyses of the distribution of federal taxes and household income.  The most recent release provides extensive data on both taxation and household income for the years 1979 – 2009.  The three graphs below display:

  • Increase in after tax income
  • Change in share of after tax income
  • Change in share: total federal taxes vs. after tax income 

In all three cases, the data is demarcated by quintiles, 81st – 90th percentiles, 91st – 95th percentiles, 96th – 99th percentiles and top 1%.

As the historical record shows, households at the highest income levels far outpaced all other categories in income growth.  The top 1% experienced a 155% increase in after tax income over the period 1979 – 2009.

Here again, as the historical record shows, households at the highest income levels all increased their share of after tax income. All quintiles but the highest experienced a reduction in share. The top 1% experienced a 55% increase in their share after tax income over the period 1979 – 2009.

In contrast to the vast majority of households, High earners experienced a growing share of total federal taxes .. at the same time, their share of after tax income substantially increased  over the period 1979 – 2009 in comparison to the vast majority of Americans.

In Table 1, the CBO Report shows that average total effective tax rates ( income taxes, as well as payroll taxes, taxes on investments and other taxes), have fallen over the past 30 years for all groups. So they are paying less tax on each dollar they earn. For the wealthy households, rates have fallen more slowly; by 14% for the top quintile and 18% for the top 1% high earners. At the same time, the third graph above shows that these two high earner households paid an increased share of all federal taxes (not just income taxes) between 1979 and 2009; a 23% increase for the top quintile and 57% for the top 1%. So the high earners are paying a greater share of federal taxes than they used to. But also at the same, incomes have increased far more quickly for these folks .. 73% for the top quintile and 155% for the top 1%. And, in marked contrast to to bottom 80% .. who lost considerable income share .. the wealthy increased their share. Thus, as the data shows, the wealthy are paying a greater share of federal taxes even though they are paying less tax on each dollar earned .. due to the fact that they are making far more dollars than they used to.

The post war debt run-up

The post World War II era has shown rapid growth in government spending, and it shows no sign of ending.  Soon after WWII, government spending dropped back to 21 percent of GDP.  But it has steadily climbed thereafter, hitting a peak of 36 percent of GDP in the recession trough of 1980-82. Since the economic crisis in 2008, spending has surged to record levels.

This spending has been extensively financed through borrowing .. fueling debt growth. For the 35 years following WWII, successive governments brought down the debt, until the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.  Over the course of his tenure, federal debt grew to over 50 percent of GDP. With the exception of the Clinton years, the federal debt has continued to grow steeply.  At the present time, President Obama is increasing the debt to fund a plan to revive the economy in the aftermath of the Crash of 2008.

Here’s a bar chart showing average annual growth in real debt per capita, demarcated by completed post-war presidential tenures, Ike through Bush 2.  The data is adjusted for inflation and population growth.  The federal debt data originates from the U.S. Treasury Department, as compiled here:  Midyear population is sourced from the Bureau of Economic Analysis .

As the historical record shows, almost all of the growth in the federal debt over the post-war period Ike through Bush2 was accumulated under the presidential tenures of Ronald Reagan, George H W Bush, and George W Bush.

Here’s a bar chart showing the annual budget results demarcated by completed post-war presidential tenures, Ike through Bush2. The chart points out where and when the most significant post-war fiscal deterioration occurred.

As the historical record shows, deficits accumulated under the combined tenures of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush contributed overwhelmingly to the growth of the Nation’s federal debt in the post-war period, Ike through Bush2.  

Average annual change in real GDP p/capital, Hoover – Obama

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) is the statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce responsible for measuring our Nation’s economic production.  It’s primary responsibility is to prepare the national economic accounts. The cornerstone of BEA’s statistics is the national income and product accounts (NIPAs), which feature estimates of gross domestic product (GDP) and related measures.  GDP measurement has been standardized back to 1929.

The following chart shows economic growth for the period spanning the completed presidential tenures of Hoover through Obama 2011.  Data for the FDR war years, 1939 -1944, is omitted to counter political arguments that their inclusion skews the results. The data points are operational as average annual change in real GDP per capital, thus they control for inflation and population.

As the historical record shows, over the period spanning the presidential tenures of Hoover through Obama ‘11, economic growth has been much stronger when the Democratic Party holds office.  In the aggregate, average annual change in real GDP per capita was 2.45% for the Dems as opposed to .76% for the GOP, yielding a Dem/GOP ratio of 3.2

About rising gas prices: January 2001 – February 2012

Gasoline prices have been rising and represent a threat .. or, at the very least, head-winds .. to economic recovery. American drivers could experience record high gas prices over the remainder of this year. This price escalation is occurring in the face of domestic crude oil production that has increased dramatically over the past few years .. and, at a time when demand for gasoline is approaching the lowest level in a decade. Moreover, the U.S. has become a net exporter of gasoline. Still, gas prices are rising, providing political fodder for exploitation in the presidential campaign.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) collects, analyzes, and disseminates a wide range of information and data products covering energy production, stocks, demand, imports, exports, and prices. This includes historical data and on-going updates on regional and national gasoline and diesel fuel prices. The following graph shows the history of weekly gas prices from January 22, 2001 to February 20, 2012. The data is sourced from the U.S. EIA’s Table 12, and represents the national retail price (dollars per gallon) for all grades and all formulations .

Over this period, the record peak U.S. Retail price occurred on July 14, 2007, at $4.17 per gallon. Spanning the Bush years, EIA’s records show falling production until 2005 and flat production from 2005 until 2009 .. and higher consumption levels. Moreover, these years saw minimal oil company investment in renewable and alternative energy ventures .. and a long, well documented succession of federal budget cuts for alternative energy. Under these circumstances, price escalations are understandable. While prices plunged during the Great Recession, they have risen steadily since Obama was sworn in. This is the case despite domestic crude oil production that has increased dramatically over the past few years to the highest level of output in 8 years .. and at a time when inventories of stored oil are unusually high .. and at a time when demand for gasoline is approaching the lowest level in a decade .. and at a time when the U.S. has become a net exporter of gasoline, diesel and jet fuels for the first time in 60 years.

Given this context, the price of oil and gasoline has leaped far beyond conventional supply and demand variables. The hubristic accusations that “Obama environmental policies” are at fault simply don’t add up. A far more rational explanation is that with increased tension over Iran the last few months, financial speculators are fanning the Iranian fear factor into ever-higher prices. Approximately 60 to 70 percent of oil contracts in the futures markets are not held by companies that need oil, for instance airlines and oil companies. Rather, they are held by investors that are looking to make money from their speculative positions. These investors don’t actually take delivery of the oil. They buy the paper, and hope to bid up and sell it for more than they paid for it … before they have to take delivery. How much of the price inflation is due to a speculative premium .. is a guessing game.